Pat•rick Ai•ken

(Paht-rik Ay•ken)

proper noun

An unequaled combination of comedy and tragedy who is as captivating as he is gay.

"I never knew how funny a trainwreck could be until I saw Patrick Aiken on stage last night."

See also: Sarcastic Comedian, Witty Entertainer, Unpredictable Tummler

Upon making his comedy debut in May of 2018, Patrick Aiken gained quick popularity in the Phoenix comedy scene for his confident stage presence and sharp, dark sarcasm. He has performed all over Phoenix, Arizona at various clubs including the Stir Crazy Comedy Club, the Tempe Improv, and Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy. Additionally, Patrick was featured at the 2019 Phoenix Pride Festival. Week-to-week, you'll find Patrick at his favorite, local gay bar, Kobalt, where he hosts and produces the successful comedy show "Kobalt Comedy Hour at Park Central". Patrick loves bringing comedy to his community and providing a safe platform for comedians of all backgrounds and varieties to perform.


"Patrick runs the best local
show in Phoenix"

- A patron who was probably drunk